E-Com Player Everlane Continues Its Physical Expansion

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E-Com Player Everlane Continues Its Physical Expansion


Everlane, the direct-to-consumer retailer known for its commitment to ethical manufacturing, transparent?pricing, and sustainability,?announced it is expanding its physical presence.

It plans to open its sixth brick-and-mortar location in Boston’s?Seaport?in?the first half of?2020.?Everlane?currently has five?retail?locations in?New?York City's Soho, Williamsburg in Brooklyn, San Francisco's Mission District, Stanford 7073彩票平台ping Center in Palo Alto, and Venice in Los Angeles.?

“Everlane?is revolutionizing sustainable and?transparent?retail,” says?Todd Norley, VP, leasing, WS Development.?“By empowering the modern-day shopper with knowledge of how its products are created,?Everlane?is building a deeper connection with its customers and creating a more meaningful shopping experience that extends beyond the four walls of its shops.”

Everlane?launched exclusively online in November 2011 with the mission to provide consumers with well-designed, high-quality clothing and accessories at an approachable price point — while simultaneously encouraging them to stay informed and educated on product origins. By cutting out the middleman and sharing the true cost and markup of each product,?Everlane?has become a distinguished?leader?in the?transparent?retail?space and a disruptor in the high-end clothing industry.

Spanning 2,300 square feet,?Everlane’s?Seaport?location?will?feature the brand’s signature minimalist design with a focus on bringing their?transparent?values to life through in-store education on their supply chain and a focus on service and experience.

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